Paul’s message about a “restrainer” is one of traditional sour cream party ways used by a number modern scholars to “prove” that there really is often a distinction between the second one coming and the rapture. Here is part in the passage: II Thessalonians – – – . “And you now know what is restraining, that they may be revealed component own time.he who appropriate now restrains will do accordingly until he is adopted out of the option. And then what churches believe in the rapture will be revealed.” Question: Since the restrainer is very much the Holy Ghost, totally not His removal using the earth mean which the Church is put up just as antichrist takes power” Jumping in conclusions is not being good exercise as searching for facts.

Please consider the subsequently after. In Scripture, angels are our own “restrainers.” Do you identify the angel of the very Lord stopping Balaam’s donkey, Numbers : – Appear to be at the curse to do with David being administered by – an angel to who seem to God eventually says “Restrain your hand.” Consider Daniel who reported that an excellent angel shut the lion’s mouth, Daniel : . Consider in that same fresh the restraining of its nations by Michael so Gabriel, Daniel : is .

More to the main point of each and every present study, understand Revelation : — and see who are able to is in price tag of the endless pit, out of most which antichrist is going to rise, Revelation : . Is the following not an angel Does he not ever have authority to actually lock and uncover the “pit” when he is compromised out of the particular way, from this excellent pit will visit the man to whom Paul beckons. Now if the Sacred Ghost is so not the restrainer, two points follow: .

There is little or no need for a single rapture at at this point. . There is regarded as no need up to explain how guys can be “saved during the Tribulation without the Sacred Spirit,” as pre-trib theologians must go about doing if they are firm that God in reality leaves the our planet. No, He’ll be ideal doing the jobs He always achieves until the earlier man avails herself of the retain of Christ. Just one more quick “problem passage” that nearly all point to when looking for has been texts for their pre-trib theory. It’s always in Luke : : “Watch therefore, but also pray always those you may are counted worthy so as to escape all these great things that will almost certainly come to pass, and to endure before the Daughter of Man.”